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    Getting YOU ready

    • Relaxation - you need to relax the parts of your body that are necessary for clear speech.

    • Relaxation. Read the PDF to help you relax in preparation for your presentation.

    • Posture - making sure your posture is correct is key for the best breathing technique for presenting.

    • Posture. Read the PDF to help you correct your posture before moving onto the breathing exercises.

    • Breathing for capacity - first, you need to make sure you are using the full capacity of your lungs. Learn how here.

    • Breathing for capacity - the first step for correct method of breathing for presenting.

    • Breathing for control - controlling the outflow of your breath is the back bone for effective speech

    • Breathing for control. The PDF to assist you with this skill.

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    This is next

    • Resonance - how to sound amazing

    • Resonance - what it is and why it's important

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    Modulation - this is crucial for a successful pitch or presentation

    • Pitch - where your voice is on the vocal range.

    • Pitch of your voice - read how to vary your pitch and why this is important.

    • Pace - the speed at which we speak.

    • Pausing. Learn this vital skill!

    • Pause. The PDF to explain the what and the how.

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    Projection - Why learning this skill will give you the X factor.

    • Projection. What this is and what it does for your voice.

    • Projection

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    Added BONUS

    • Quick Cards. Quick exercises to help you prepare in 2-3 minutes for any high stress speaking situation.

Pitching? Public Speaking? Presenting?

Does the thought of any of these situations turn your stomach into knots? Knees turn weak? Understandable. But help is here! This course will take you through all the elements you need to pitch, present or speak in any situation with confidence.