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This introductory video will help you find your pain point and the how to take that pressure off! This will give you a 'taster' of the course, it will give you the beginning of the techniques and exercises to get you on your way to 'Finding Your Voice, Finding Your Words'


For a one off cost of $59NZD you receive the online course. A great combination of videos and PDFs to reinforce your learning. Join our exclusive Facebook group to get your questions answered and all the support you need in our community. answer any questions and participate in the group conversation.

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This course will give you all the tools, strategies, techniques and exercises to practise so you will 'find your voice' to speak up in situations you find challenging. To 'find the words' so you are listened to and you gain authority and credibility.

Course Curriculum

6 weeks of strategies, techniques and exercises to develop your voice and confidence to speak with credibility and authority. Pre-recorded lessons, videos to assist your learning and build your own training manual.

  • 1

    Week One - Your Goals and Challenges

    • Welcome!

    • Your Action Plan

    • Relaxation, Posture and Breathing

    • Relaxation Video

    • Posture Video

    • Breathing Video

    • Reflection Templates

  • 2

    Week Two - Let's find out about you

    • Breathing for control

    • Learning style test

    • AllieMooneyPersonalityTest

  • 3

    Week Three - Articulating your opinions with authority

    • CommsStyleTestandExplain

    • 4 Horseman of the Apocolypse

    • Defensiveness

    • Learning Styles Descriptions

  • 4

    Week Four - Challenging People and Situations

    • Challenging People

    • Image for Challenging People

    • Zone of Genius

    • Zone of Genius Grid

  • 5

    Week Five - Modulating your voice for credibility. Triggers and Reflecting.

    • Reflection Templates

    • Modulation - how not to sound boring or grumpy

  • 6

    Week Six - Projection. Projecting your voice for authority. A must for the board room.

    • Projection

    • Projection PDF

  • 7

    Bonus Week - Summary and ULPs (what on earth are ULPs??)

    • How was it?

  • 8

    Bonus Resource! What's behind anger?

    • Anger. What could be in behind it.

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