Training Director

Miriam McKenzie, B.Ed, Dip Tchg

Miriam will personally coach the attendees in this course every month. This is the only group to have Miriam coach live training sessions, so you are one of the lucky ones!

More about Miriam...

Miriam, an award winning, published author who has featured in the media. With nearly 30 years experience in training, business and education as well as post-graduate qualifications, she knows what she is talking about. She will instruct and guide you to excellent English.

Make a massive transformation in your life, with an expert tutor.

Access the videos and written materials when ever and where ever you like. Over and over again and you will get results.

  • Videos

    There are 44 sounds in English and each video breaks down one sound or one aspect of clear speech for you to learn the technique with exercises to practice to achieve perfection.

  • Written Materials

    Each video has a written explanation of the sound you are working on speaking clearly and correctly. Print these off and create a pack of resources you can read and work on at your own pace and place.

  • Say It Clearly Corporate Training Manual

    The full, comprehensive training manual is included in the course. Separately it is $49NZD but it is all part of your training. Use the manual to set your goals and the content to help you achieve your goals.

Hear from others about the course...

Such a great course!


As a chef in a busy restaurant my English needed to improve. I loved this course! So easy to follow, fantastic videos and Miriam makes it so much fun. If you have been thinking about improving your English then get into this course. You will not regret it.

Very appreciative of this course

Mahmoud (Metallurgist)

Mahmoud is very appreciate of his employer for signing him up to this course. “I have found it helpful in several ways – I can now understand the New Zealand accent a bit better than previously and in addition, I have noticed that when I speak more slowly, people can understand me more. I am also looking to improve my listening and understanding skills. Mahmoud said.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Say It Clearly Training Manual

    • The Say It Clearly FULL Training Manual

  • 2

    Live Training Sessions

    • Monthly Live Coaching

    • Monthly Live Coaching

    • Monthly Live Coaching

    • Monthly Live Coaching

    • Monthly Live Coaching

    • Monthly Live Coaching

    • Monthly Live Coaching

    • Monthly Live Coaching

  • 3

    First Chapter

  • 4

    Work on the vowel sounds - this is key to clear English.

    • The I sound - as in I like, eye, aisle.

    • The I sound. As in like, eye, aisle.

    • The A sound as in day, rake, cake. This is the long A sound.

    • The A sound PDF. Found is words such as cake, rake, day.

    • The OW sound. This sound is in words such as out and cow.

    • The OW sound PDF.

    • The AH sound. This sound will help you to relax your jaw.

    • The AH sound. The technique for the sound in words such as father, fast, laugh, jaguar.

    • The AW sound. This sound is in words such as jaw, door, for, lawn, walk.

    • The AW sound.

    • Er and how this is actually a vowel sound.

    • Er. The PDF to help explain the technique for this sound and exercises to help.

    • The letter O found in words such as pot, got, lot.

    • The O letter but the sound is short and found in words such as pot, got. lot.

  • 5

    Work on the consonant sounds - clear consonant sounds bring your level of English to excellence.

    • The TH sound.

    • Th sound

    • T and D - clear, crisp enunciation of these sounds in the middle and end of words.

    • TandDMiddleandEndWords

    • C, ck, g sounds

    • The c, ck and g sounds.

    • The S and C sound.

    • The s and c sound.

    • The Sh sound.

    • The Sh sound.

  • 6

    Added BONUS

    • Neutral Vowel - this alone makes English difficult.

    • Neutral Vowel. The PDF will explain what it is plus exercises to help you achieve it.

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