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Sample Video - tongue placement

Tongue placement is crucial to clear speech and incorrect tongue placement can be the reason for many other speech issues. Watch the video with your child to do the exercises with them. If you like how it works click on the Buy Now button!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Ready

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Relaxation - start here

    • Relaxation

    • Relaxation

  • 3

    Tongue Placement - second lesson

    • Tongue Placement

    • Warm ups Tongue Exercises

  • 4

    Mouth and Jaw - this is next

    • Mouth and Jaw

    • Mouth and Jaw

  • 5

    Posture - now here

    • Posture

    • Posture

  • 6

    Breathing - part one

    • Breathing for capacity

    • Breathing for Capacity

  • 7

    Breathing - part two

    • Breathing for control

    • Breathing for Control

  • 8

    Resonance - developing how our voice sounds

    • Resonance

    • Resonance

  • 9


    • P and B - make them 'pop' off your lips

    • The P and B sound

  • 10

    Th Sound

    • Th Sound PDF

    • Th sound

  • 11

    C/K/CK sound

    • C/CK/G

    • The C/CK/ G sound

  • 12

    Ch sound - also J and DGE

    • Ch Sound

    • JChDgeSound

  • 13

    R sound

    • R sound

    • R Sound

  • 14

    Vowel Sounds

    • The Ah sound

    • The Ah sound - words such as park, far, laugh.

  • 15

    ER sound

    • The ER sound

    • ER sound

  • 16

    Ow Sound - can be spelled many different ways including ou, as in ground.

    • Ow Sound - can be spelled other ways such as OU, as in ground.

    • OwSound

    • sic_-_the_OW_sound[1]

  • 17

    Oh Sound

    • OH Sound.

    • OHSound

  • 18

    C and S Sound

    • CandS

    • C and S

  • 19

    Sh sound

    • Sh sound

    • Sh sound

  • 20

    Pace - this will help our speech to be clear

    • Pace

    • Pace

  • 21

    Aspects of speech for confidence to speak in front of others

    • Projection - projecting your voice out to your audience

    • Projection also known as Forward Placement



Kellie (Charlie's mum)

The programme is fantastic and comprehensive for what we need. I'm definitely noticing progress in Charlie's speech from what we have been doing so far. We're using both videos and pdf formats and I'm finding everything very easy to navigate and use.

Resource Teacher of Literacy

Pam C

The Say It Clearly programme is an effective tool for both teachers and students. The video clips are short bursts of knowledge that are specific to a speech sound which means that the programme can be catered to individual needs. They give students direct assistance in helping with the correct production of speech sounds in isolation, within words and then sentences and along with the handouts help raise teacher's knowledge in learning how to assist children to speak clearly

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