What's YOUR problem?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then we can help you achieve maximum value from your voice.

  • Are you worried about your child's speech?

    If you have concerns about your child's speech for any reason, you may think there is a delay, they mumble, speak too quickly...there are a multitude of reasons. Clear Speech for Children will be the best course your child can participate in.

  • Do people ask you to repeat what you have said because they don't understand you?

    The Masterclass - Excellence in English course could be for you.

  • Do you worry about how you sound?

    If you want your voice to sound, well, better. Then purchase any of the courses because every single course has the techniques and exercises you need to develop the tone of your voice.

  • How many meetings do you sit in not saying anything because you’re too nervous?

    Definitely purchase the Find Your Voice, Find Your Words course. Priceless coaching in how to speak up and be heard.

  • Do you blush when you speak? Or maybe visibly sweat or shake?

    Pitches, Presentations and Public Speaking is for you. You will go back to the lessons in this course over and over and always find a gem to help you out no matter what speaking situation you are in.

  • Is your job on the line? Are you looking for a job? How about promotion? Do you cope well with asking for a pay rise?

    Find Your Voice, Find Your Words OR Pitches, Presentations and Public Speaking would work for any of these situations well. Although, the Find Your Voice course would probably be the better one.

  • How would it feel to be confident enough to speak your mind without causing anger or silence? To be eloquent and authentic? To sound credible, authoritative and confident?

    Go for the bundle "3 for 1". It covers absolutely everything. You can jump in and out of each course with ease. Just look up what is it you are wanting to achieve in each course curriculum, find that lesson and you are on your way to success!

  • I'm a bit nervous and not sure this style of learning will work for me.

    Understandable. There is a short course that you can take to get you started. You can then go from there to another course if you wanted, with very limited spend.

The Courses

Exciting! You are one click away from transforming your life through your words and your voice.

Speech Training Services.

Designed for business professionals, people who speak english as another language & children.

Miriam founded Say it Clearly to provide training programmes that enable you to articulate with clarity, speak with confidence and leave a lasting positive impression. The techniques will help you land that job, make that sale, command attention and win in whatever it is you wish to win at.

English for Speakers of other Languages.

Do you want to speak English clearly and with confidence? Online educational videos, monthly training & resources.

Business & Corporate Services

Find your voice and be able to speak up in any situation, or learn how to nail your pitches, presentations and public speaking.

Speech Training for Children

Help your child to clearly articulate their words with confidence. A fantastic building block for supporting them to learn, read, write and spell with accuracy.
Miriam has post graduate qualifications and over twenty five years’ experience teaching and training in speech and effective communication to a diverse range of clients including sales people, corporate CEOs, bankers, business owners, teachers and children. She creates customised training programmes for individuals at all levels - from novice to experienced public speakers, speakers for whom English is a second language, children and young people. Any thing you want to know get in touch.

The Freebie - a Video Preview.

This video describes how to breathe for presenting purposes & reducing anxiety.

The video will give you an opportunity to learn the most accepted method of breathing for speech purposes such as presenting, public speaking and acting. It is the same method of breathing that helps reduce anxiety by bringing our sympathetic nervous system back to our baseline. This video will give you the technique and many examples of exercises for you to learn. These techniques are key for successful public speaking occasions and to calm yourself down in times of stress. It will also give you an opportunity to view how this course runs with short videos and supportive PDFs to read. This course covers all styles of learning which means your success is quick.  Enjoy, Miriam.

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